About Us

BCC Flat Roof Specialist have an outstanding 15 year track record, we provide high quality, trustworthy and efficient roofing services to satisfy customers throughout the greater Toronto area.

Our Services

Roofing services:
Residential and commercial

New flat roof installation

Roof replacement

Includes removal existing roof and installation of new flat roof and repairs on roof deck

Curb – mounted skylights: supplied and installed

Acrilic domes or glass

Tapered insulation available for positive drainage

If necessary

Roof repair and maintenance:

Patch ups on existing roof

Skylights repairs

Leak repairs

Removal and installation of new drains

Emergency repairs

Why choose BCC Flat Roof Specialist?

We provide viable flat roof solutions that are affordable and long lasting. Our highly-skiled team work stay on time and within budget without ever compromising on quality to be as efficient as possible.

BCC Flat Roof Specialist System

We exclusively install 2 ply modified bitumen membrane (mb) sistem to waterproof flat roofs for both residential and comercial buildings, your roof can be faced with repeated exposure to severe heat, heavy rainfals, hail , strong winds and bitter cold, putting it at risk for quick deterioration and increased damage.
Modified bitumen membranes are multiple layered sistem that are roll applied and consist of more plymers than traditional asphalt roofs, making them extremely durable, and more energy efficient.
Our specialist wil help to determine wich of the two methods of instalation is most appropiate for your roof:
1) The heating method using blow torch
2) Cold applied peel & stick
Both resulting in the same strenghth and quality.